Upcoming learning/teaching resources for Twine (Summer and Fall 2023)

YouTube series

For the last month or so, I have been adding videos to a new series on Twine 2.6 (now 2.7) covering general Twine concepts and those found in each story format on YouTube. This work continues a pattern of a new video series on nearly every major version of Twine ā€“ I missed 2.4 ā€“ starting over a decade ago.

YouTube series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlXuD3kyVEr6DmZy52pG7zYWbr6t93JC7

Along with each video, I have also been writing material. My hope is have a Harlowe-centric eBook out in the next few weeks, hopefully mid-August, with SugarCube and Chapbook eBooks to follow. (Snowman will, eventually, get its own eBook as well, but I need to do some code work first.)

New Grim material!

For those educators with more advanced students, or those wanting to use CSS more with Twine stories, @Grim has also posted about a new series of upcoming templates on their Patreon. I know many people have taught with, recommended, and even cited their work in the past.

Maybe Twine Cookbook in print form this year!?

I was also updated the other day on progress toward a print and PDF version of the Twine Cookbook. I am no longer involved in that project, and have no other news than that to report, but for those thinking about the Spring 2024 semester or projects, Iā€™d say keep an eye out for, hopefully, news or the book itself over the next several months.