Unwritten, a new mobile interactive/narrative/visual novel game

Hi everyone, I saw a post from @Sam_Ursu the other day, and thought you guys might be interested in another choice-based game, that my friends and I are making :slight_smile:

The name of the app is Unwritten: How will your story end? It’s a F2P mobile app with multiple series, hybrid gameplay and interactive elements which is going to be released soon, on both Google Play and App Store!

What are the main features of the game?

  • Choices will make a difference! Based on the choice you made in the game, the plot shifts to a different version of the same path. Those diverse paths triggered by the choices are creating a much larger story, and an experience similar to reading the book or watching a TV series.
  • Points based structure, which dictates the progression of the game. They are not implemented to up the difficulty of the game, but to truly immerse players into the storyline and give them higher control while playing.
  • The authenticity of the characters and the situations. Often, main characters and NPCs in games are lacking the backbone, or the conviction when doing something. We tried to counter that in the game and give them their own mindset, backgrounds, traumas and triggers, with some more realism woven in the plot. Ofc, the series and scenes will have trigger warnings when applicable!
  • The series will be diverse with genres and will range from modern love and romance to mystery, fantasy, horror, comedy, drama…
  • And much, much more!!

The first four series of the game are Second Society (a paranormal/vampire story), Triple Scoop (with a high school comedy setting), Gears of Snow and Cinders (a very cool fantasy/forbidden love series) and Business with Pleasure (set in a steamy, passionate location of a popular club!)

You can read the full synopsis of the series, meet the characters, have a sneak peek of the interface and much more on our official subreddit, so please join us there! You’ll get the latest news and be able to speak directly with us about the game! :grinning:


It’s more like that kind of graphic choice stories. I installed and give this a try.

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Yes, there are several names for this kind of games, mainly because they incorporate different gaming elements, narration being one of the main ones.

I’ll make sure to post the link as soon as the game is released. Till then, come join our subreddit and get to know more about it :slight_smile:

Visual Novel, then? :slight_smile:

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Yes! I updated the title and tags, although this is a hybrid game, with different elements interwoven in it.

Yeah, I was half-joking. You know, Visual Novels are ubiquitous now. It is a well-used format, a standard because it one of the most optimal ways to show dialogue in a 2D game. So, it is ok to add those to the pile of tags. I love hybrids!


It depends on whom you’re talking to, really. A lot of casual gamers are referring to them as “interactive stories” or “simulation stories/games”. So I simply try to cover as many of those names as I can :grin:

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Oops! this game download but doesn’t run in my tablet or my ipad.

Hi Jade,

The game is not released yet, so it’s not available for download. I’ll make sure to update the topic once the game is out but for now, I’m merely interested in the feedback, and to let people know of its existance :slight_smile:

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I dowloaded it from playstore as I am registered as betatester.

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