Untitled Dungeons & Dragons "Interactive" "Podcast"

Unfortunately I never came up with a good title for this, and furthermore it defies categorization in any established taxa of interactive entertainment.

Here’s the best way I can describe it: Obviously you have enjoyed watching or listening to people play Dungeons & Dragons on YouTube or whatever, but you’ve never experienced it first-hand. By listening to this audio file you can play Dungeons & Dragons with me. (Kind of. I had to make a few adjustments to the D&D rules to accommodate the unconventional format.)

I would really appreciate it if any listeners could come up with some terminology to describe this new form of interactive fiction I’ve invented.


A few brilliant suggestions here:

  • Audio Gamebook

  • Hear Your Own Adventure

  • Choose Your Own Audventure

  • Choice Of Audio

  • Robo DM

  • Audibleed

  • Dungeons & Headphones

  • Dungcast


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Construct a poll once you’ve got a reasonable set?

I don’t think a poll will be necessary unless someone manages to top “Hear Your Own Adventure” which is extremely apt, not to mention catchy.


What about “Hear and tell”? Maybe not exactly appropriate but I never miss an opportunity to plug Novak’s Rapunzel.

I also like Hear Your Own Adventure best overall, though Dungeons & Headphones has made me laugh the most.


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