Unofficial Spatterlight 0.5.9b released!

Get it here:!

This release mostly focuses on the VoiceOver stuff, which should be a little more stable now. It would be great if any VoiceOver users could give it a spin.

There are three new commands in addition to the Speak Last Move I added last time: Speak Previous Move (shortcut Alt+Command+Up), Speak Next Move (Alt+Command+Down) and Speak Status (Alt+Command+Backspace).

The last one simply speaks the text of the status window, if it can find one. This is mostly meant for games which put the room description in the status window, such as the Scott Adams adventures or Beyond Zork (which is still not really playable with Spatterlight). The other two commands should be pretty self-explanatory: they step through the command history, but unlike their equivalents in Zoom, they cannot read text that has been cleared from the text buffer scrollback.

Unfortunately, none of the new VoiceOver commands work on systems older than 10.9. They will also have no effect if VoiceOver is off.

For more information about Spatterlight, see this thread.