Unnamed IF Book Club Meeting: February 23, 2022, 5pm Pacific

Hello! As the title says, I’m trying to get a regular IF bookclub. We had our first meeting last month on Coloratura, and it was a fun time.

Our next meeting is February 23, 2022, 5pm Pacific. The game is The Master of the Land (The Master of the Land - Details), which a Twine game by Pseudavid, described by its author as:

A historical fantasy set in the early 19th century Mediterranean, The Master of the Land deals with power and paranoia in an age of counter-revolutionary reaction: the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars. During a carnival, dancers dance, politicians conspire and a crying ghost haunts the whole place. The protagonist, Irene, is fascinated and appalled at the same time by everything happening around her.

It’s an excellent game, with many interlocking plots and a very nice presentation. Unusually for a Twine game, it’s based heavily around navigation in a physical space, and as such features no navigation links at all, instead choosing to use N/E/S/W-style buttons.

If you’d like to attend, DM me and I will send you a link at the appropriate time. I’ve also set up a Discord for discussion and notifications, if that’s more your style.