Uninvited is now released

I have just now uploaded “Uninvited” to the IF Archive. This is a reimplementation of the game by the same name for the Apple Macintosh in 1986 by ICOM. Things have changed, like the room descriptions and layout to make things easier to present as interactive fiction. Walkthroughs available on the internet will mostly work. I have randomized some things. If you have a Zcode interpreter that supports sound-effects, please also download the acompanying zblorb file. Right in time for Halloween, here’s something spooky for you to play.

Post a link? I can never find anything on ifarchive.org. For example, I searched for “Uninvited” here and turned up nothing. ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive … zcode.html

It doesn’t look like the files have arrived in their proper place yet. Go to 661.org/if/uninvited/ in the meantime.

Congratulations. :slight_smile: I remember playing the original… pretty old-school. Should be interesting to play in IF.

Uninvited is now on IFDB: ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=vf927o7ye3jf1m03.

Having beta tested this game as well as played the original, I can assure you: it’s great! David did an excellent job with the reimplementation.

Hats off! You may know that Shadowgate was also the subject of an Inform conversion some years back (661.org/sgate/); this just leaves Deja Vu 1 and 2 the odd men out for a clean sweep of ICOM Mac-Venture conversions!

I just might make Deja Vu my next project.

By the way, I did a little reorganization of stuff at 661.org like putting all my IF-related stuff in 661.org/if/