Undo Output Control and Inform 10

I thought I’d been making an extension in Inform 10 but realised I had the setting ticked for 6M62. Once I switched to Inform 10, Undo Output Control, used by my extension, wouldn’t compile any more.

I’ve seen recent topics where other people seem to be using this extension without problems, and using the same version I downloaded, but they didn’t specify they were using Inform 10, so maybe they weren’t.


Is anyone able to see if making Undo Output Control 10-compatibile would be an easy fix, or hard? I’m not really using 10 yet and am unfamiliar with the changes.


Hi Wade,

I am indeed using an Undo Output Control extension (this is a modified one based on the one you mentioned by Erik Temple)

Volume - Extensions

Include Exit Lister by Eric Eve.

Include Undo Output Control by Nathanael Nerode.
One King to Loot them All
A tale of High Adventure by Onno Brouwer
Release 1 / Serial number 231002 / Inform 7 v10.1.0 / D
Inform 7 v10.1.0-beta+6V40
Identification number: //1E9798FD-68F2-499E-A319-914A4453BB47//
Interpreter version 2.1.7 / VM 3.1.2
Exit Lister version 11 by Eric Eve
Undo Output Control version 6.0.220529 by Nathanael Nerode (based on the extension by Erik Temple;
integrates Empty Command Handling by Daniel Stelzer based on code by Matt Weiner)

It works fine for 10.1.0 (borogove) and also 10.1.2 (building the release since borogove does not do this from within a Docker container).


Thanks Onno. It still wasn’t elementary to find for some Google reason, so I’ll link to it here for anyone else:




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