Undo in choice-based games?

I recently played a choice-based game on my smartphone. Then I misclicked (as you probably have done sometimes) and I acted the opposite of what I actually wanted.

So: Do you know of any way to UNDO a click in choice-based games?


Well… it depends on the program and the author. But unless there is a clear arrow on the screen to undo/go back, you most likely can’t undo your choice.
Some IF Choice-Based formats (Choice of Games, Ink, Twine-Chapbook iirc) do not have the possibility to undo an action. Others (Twine - Harlowe, SugarCube, Moiki) let the author choose whether to allow an undo or not in their games.
I know that with SugarCube, you can play in the console of your browser to make the game go back if the Undo arrow is not available. I’d assume for the other formats/systems it would be dependant on the base format code whether it is even possible…


For choice based games where the author deliberately does not want the player to undo, I wish they would have that click and hold for 2 seconds feature that could be toggled/adjusted.

The alternative is a “select your choice” and then “click to confirm” system (like you see in Choice of Games), but that feels more clunky to me.

For mobile games and people with cats walking across keyboards, this would be a godsend. :wink:


Ren’Py-built choice games default to being able to rollback (undo) around 10 screens by scrolling up the mouse wheel or pressing the “rollback” option (note that although this is remappable, the default method is rarely changed). This amount can be increased, decreased or restricted (at specific points or across the entire game).

Regardless of format, it’s helpful to confim before doing anything likely to risk ending your game, if you don’t have an undo method and haven’t previously set up an expectation of not doing this (e.g. by creating a game in the theme of a classic puzzler).