Understanding table entries

Am I wording this badly, or does Inform really not support it?

[code]There is a room.
There is a wallet.

Table of interesting items
Interesting thing Interesting number
Wallet 5

Understand “[a number]” as interesting thing entry when the number understood is an interesting number listed in the table of interesting items.[/code]

It’s hard to tell since the error message is exactly the same as the error message for this:

Understand "[a number]" as some meaningless nonsense.

So I can’t tell if Inform doesn’t like the table or if it doesn’t like the wording. Advice?

It can be done, but it’s not that simple. Try this.


Table of Interesting Items
interesting thing interesting number
Wallet 5

Everything has a number called the particular number. The particular number of a thing is usually 0. Understand the particular number property as describing a thing.

When play begins:
repeat through the Table of Interesting Items begin;
now the particular number of the interesting thing entry is the interesting number entry;
end repeat.

The Testing Room is A Room. A wallet is in the testing room.

Test me with “x 3 / x 4 / x 5 / x wallet”.[/code]

The code here originates from Aaron Reed’s Numbered Disambiguation Choices Extension.

Hope this helps.

OK, the real case is quite complicated and I’d rather not go into vebose, boring details. Thanks for the advice; it has been quite helpful, though perhaps not as directly as you might have hoped. I think I can work the rest out on my own.