understand the command "steal" as "take"

Hi, I’m just starting out - I got the latest Inform7 IDE from the mac app store (build 6L38), and I downloaded Emily’s “Bronze” (Release 12) and I’m getting several compilation errors. I want to play a game while following the source to try and learn.

First was that the game internally defined a container named “Storage”, which is apparently now a forbidden keyword. I changed it to “Ether” and then got another batch of later errors.

Mostly around the “understand command”. For instance:

Problem. You wrote 'Understand the command "whistle" or "hum" as "sing"'  : again, 'understand the command ... as ...' should end with a command already defined.

The thing that confuses me is that I ran into similar compilation errors when downloading another Inform7 game (port of spiritwrak) that was released only in December. Also Inform7’s website specifically says that they updated Bronze for the 2014 breaking changes. So I can’t help but think that maybe it’s not that source needs to change, and that there’s a problem with my IDE or Inform version.

Any ideas? Thanks!

“Sing” was removed as a standard action (6L02), so that particular error makes sense.

Ok, I’ve figured out how to solve that set of problems and am basically fixing a bunch more as I go (good way to learn!) so I guess I must have the version of Bronze that predates being updated. Strange, though, that the blog announcing 6L02 (inform7.com/news/2014/05/07/new- … m-now-out/) refers to Bronze being updated, while the inform7 website points to this release 12 that I have. I haven’t found a later version of the source.

Maybe they updated it but didn’t upload it to the website. Many other things have been missing on the website (like the manuals.)

Well, I got all the way through the errors (mostly; I had to turn off some of the “release” commands) and it generates the *.inf file now, but wow - it says it is about 220K over the 512K limit. It uses Basic Screen Effects so it has to be a zblorb. Was there something about 6L02 or 6L38 that massively increased file size?

If I “Release” to turn off debugging, it’s about 100k over the 512k limit. I worked on removing Plurality and Case Management, but that only removed 3-4k.

And… there it is - I had missed this section in one of the release notes, mentioning how i6 will create bigger files now.

While I was able to repair the other syntax changes, moving from Basic Text Effects to Glulxe Text Effects is a bit out of my comfort range for now, especially since I’m not totally sure what the compass rose is supposed to look like in all cases.

Yes. There’s a bunch of indexed-text code that used to be optional. Now that all text can be used as indexed text, that code is always included.