UGI: skipping awaiting input, or faking a result

Hi Zarf, or other onlooker.

In UGI, is there a way to skip the input loop for a turn? Workarounds that I’ve tried tend to throw processes out of sync. That is, of course they always come to a point where the game wants input (has exhausted a particular run of rules) which may be in an unusual place - relatively speaking - to the normal flow of the program, since I skipped to the bit that would normally happen after await input.

So I’d like to be able to, as we print stuff out for a turn, say ‘OK, when we reach the input loop, poke this event/outcome into it this turn.’ It’d be like pretending an event was received and proceeding to the handling an event part.


It is possible; that’s how TEST ME works, and also REPLAY if you’ve recreated that debug command.

Is there a convenient I7-level way to do it? I don’t think so. Definitely a desirable feature.

Going back to your blog post from Sunday – it sounds like the features you’re most missing are this one and status-window input?

This one definitely : )

Uh, the status-window one, it’s a complicated answer. Or maybe it’s not. The truth is I’m not missing it personally, but that’s only because I’m not ready for the implications. It seemed an obvious missing thing that putting links in the status window or other windows were ideas UGI couldn’t handle yet. But it’s been a consequence of designing this extension for months without those features that it’s not really missing them in terms of being able to make things work well.

I should sum up: Obviously UGI will need these abilities at some point, but if you’re kindly thinking on my account priority-wise, I’m going fine without at the moment. It was just an area I suddenly realised I couldn’t neglect mentioning when I wrote about the extension. Thanks.


I’ve added TEST ME support to UGI. You can now say stuff like

	Test me with "$char x / $char 65 / $char escape / $char".
	Test me with "$link 123 / $link sword".
	Test me with "$timer". … 0Input.i7x

Great, thanks!