Ug Paragraph breaks

Well, I’ve begun to alpha test the first scene in a game I’m making, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Not a mechanics problem (like usual), but instead a problem with the general look of the piece. At the moment I have Things 'slurred into eachother, greatly detracting from the look when playing.


x door

The door gently rocks back and forth in the wind
You hear a sharp cry over by the brook. How could you have left Dennis like that?

Ok so the problem really is that my actions are colliding with my scene events, and the scene is printed directly underneath the action statement. I would really love a paragraph break there to make it look nice.

Also the (>) command prompt is appearing directly under that.
Very annoyed.

You have to show the code you use to produce that text. It’s pretty much impossible to say anything without seeing it.

Though if that’s a direct copy-and-paste, you need a period at the end of “The door gently rocks back and forth in the wind” – it actually affects the line spacing (and you should have it anyway). Also, make sure that when you have something that prints “How could you have left Dennis like that?” there’s no space between the question mark and the quotation marks – not that I’m sure it’ll solve your problem, it’s just something to check.

I found this post very helpful (though I can’t vouch for it all).

sorry that was just an hurriedly crafted example of code, I forgot to add in a bunch of things.

However am I not supposed to put punctuation before the quotes like “hi he says.” or do I have to space it?
I’ve basically done the whole thing like the example above.

As Juhana said, show some code, and it’ll be much easier to help you.

Inform will recognize that

say “Hello.”


say “Bob says ‘Hello.’”

both end with line-ending punctuation; it treats them the same way.