[Ubuntu Touch] Gelek Vanilla (level9, zcode, ...)

I have autoforked my qml project to make it more vanilla.
I am implementing a sort of IF machine to play any game (hopefully). At the moment, level9 and zcode (update: added AdvSys, Hugo, AGT, TADS, Adrift v3 and v4, Scott Adams, Glulx and Magnetic Scrolls :slight_smile: ) games can be played. The idea is add more terps, gradually.

I have also integrated Babel to look for ifiction and cover files to show more information about the games.

So, if you needed another reason to flash Ubuntu on your phones: you have it (well, maybe :smiley:)

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Little update to preformat correctly some text (still needs some work)


New version out (1.7.0). Mostly behind the scenes changes: I have updated the project structure to be easier to maintain. Now it build to arm64 as well.

I also have added some more interpreter (scare and advsys) and fixed some issues with the game images.


Aaaaah, new version of Gelek Vanilla is out: 1.8.0 with tones of updates and bug fixes (and hopefully not many new bugs added)

  • fixed not able to save under certain circumstances (terp giving error when cancelling)
  • better error handling
  • fixed terp stopping when pressed Esc to dismiss save/restore Dialog
  • fixed timer being overlooked (fixes playing «Ke rulen los petas»)
  • fixed inline images being ignored
  • unified all only-text terps under one qml page
  • added missing scott terp
  • added desktop keywords
  • updated Catalan translation
  • fixed SuruDark errors
  • cleaned codes
  • deleted unused qml files
  • updated About page

Gelek Vanilla update 1.9.0

  • Updated remGLK
  • Updated several interpreters
  • Code and layout cleaning
  • Fixed headers and overlapping images on Level 9 games
  • Better game detection
  • Fixed ifiction files not updatable
  • Updated About page (again)

New update! v2.0.0 with tones of changes (most in the backend) mainly for easing the play.

  • Added search in the imported games list
  • Added game download page
  • Enable unzip zip files
  • Terp chooser for game (If a game is not correctly detected, you can choose how to run it)
  • Import chooser (import more than 1 file and you’ll be asked for which to run)
  • Moved c++ database to sqlite
  • Saved Games ordered by game name or IFID
  • Fixes GameInfo Dialog
  • Fixed deleting non existent files crash
  • Add untranslated strings and update pot
  • Updated Catalan translation
  • Code cleaning

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New version up :slight_smile:

  • 2.1.1
    Fix size and ratio of images (hopefully :D)

  • 2.1.0
    Added theme chooser
    Onscreen special keys (cursors and tabs). Improved character management
    Support for phisycal keyboard cursor and tab keys
    Fixed automatic scrolling text and better focus management
    Bigger button areas
    Better code for ContentHub
    Tweaked unzip to skip existent files
    Updated databse website source
    App as binary (Thanks Jonnius)
    Debugging will also show c++ messages
    Updated Catalan translation
    Code cleaning (app should be a bit faster with big images)