typo in thing.t, adv3Lite BMsg macro

I’m tinkering with my discovery tool for getting BMsg and DMsg text strings to eliminate the inclusion of macro arguments from the text string in the CSV. (Also adding the ability to list all reveal and inform tags used in a game, but that’s another story…:slight_smile: )

While updating the discovery code, I found this in thing.t…

cannotPourIntoMsg = BMsg(cannot pour into, '{I} {can\'t} pour {1) into {that dobj}. ', gDobj.fluidName)
Note the closing parenthesis instead of a closing brace on second reference to {1}.


Thanks for catching that. It’s now corrected for the next release.


I’ve found a couple of other anomalies. There are numerous macros where the message string is enclosed in <.parser>…<./parser> tags.

The no hints to disable message has a <.parser> tag but no closing <./parser> tag.

The recording okay message has a <.parser> tag at both front and rear positions (no / in the closing tag).

Both of these are defined in actions.t.


Thanks too for these, which have now also been corrected for the next release.

You’re in danger of being appointed my proof-reader-in-chief! :slight_smile: