Typo found in Inform 7 recipe book- Where to report? "The examine described devices rule"

While working on an inform game I found a typo repeated several places in the documentation that causes a failure to translate without helpful information.

By default, any device’s description will end with “the [x] is switched on” or off. If you want to stop this line, the book suggests you say “The examine described devices rule is not listed in any rulebook.”

This is incorrect, it’s actually just “the examine devices rule” that you want to expunge.

I’m posting this partly so anyone who runs into the same problem can hopefully find this in the search results and not have to swing in the dark like I did, and partly to ask how to fix the problem. Is there any active bug/typo reporting site for the Inform documentation? I couldn’t find it in my searches. Thanks!


Yes, there’s a category for documentation issues when you report something at the Inform 7 project bug tracker.

Oh, thanks! I’ve submitted a report there.

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