Typing an object's name to see available actions

I just wrote some kind of extension for Inform7, replacing the parser with hyperlinks : you click on a word and the game tells you the available actions on it.


This is my first post in English on this blog and it’s about a small extension I just wrote, replacing the parser by another system which is very simple and meant to be modified and improved by the potential users. It tries to do something you sometimes find in traditionnal adventure games or RPG’s with graphics : clicking on an object and then having a contextual menu. Here, the graphical objects will be words. You’ll type « banana » and have several options such as « take », « eat » and so on - depending on the nature of the object itself.

I work with 6G60… I don’t guarantee that it will work with newer builds. Maybe you’ll have to adapt some parts of the code.

Uploaded as an extension :


(sorry for the multiple edits : I suppressed the part of the code which added hyperlinks, for various reasons)