TypeError when using Parchment HTML Converter site

Is anyone experiencing issues using the Parchment HTML Converter to create a single file version of Parchment from a .gblorb file that contains images?

The final .gblorb file that I am trying to convert is 23.3MB in size.

When I upload the file to the Parchment HTML Converter site I get this error.

I get the same error when I use Curl in the Terminal.

I backed out the changes I made since the Parchment HTML Converter was able to create a single file for me 12 days ago and still received the error shown above.

I have not tried to use the ifsitegen.py code mentioned in the Online Sitegen Service post.

Update: I get the same error when I try using a 891KB .gblorb file created from the Disenchantment Bay example.

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Can you please PM me the storyfile? I’ll have to investigate which part of the sitegen code is buggy.

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I actually got that recently when testing a WIP (in ZIL v5) in Parchment. The apparent reason was if the computer tried to parse (only tested as a verb, but I dunno if that’s important) a word with no definition on what sort of word it is. So basically I added the word “BEGIN” simply as a word with no specifier, and when it tried to parse it (after the READ phase, if that’s any help) it gave that message.

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Every gblorb file I have tried gives the same error as the OP.

For example: A Walk Around the Neighborhood - Details.

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Oh, you’re right. I mustn’t have tested it with a gblorb when I updated it recently. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow.

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@Dannii - I was able to use the site to create an HTML file from my .gblorb 12 days ago on 01/23/24 (thought this might help you with debugging).

This is fixed now.

The problem was caused by me not parsing the output of Babel correctly - when you run Babel on a file without an extension (such as the files uploaded through the sitegen form) it outputs an extra line saying, for example, “Warning: Story format could not be positively identified. Guessing blorbed glulx”.

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Thanks @Dannii. I was able to create an HTML file from my game file without error using the site.