Type skipkey keywords in sugarcube2

Twine Version: 2.3.13
Story Format: sugarcube 2.34.1

i try to use <<type>> and i was wondering if there is an overview of the keywords for the use with skipkey. Only found “Control” but i wanted to bind the skip to the left mouse button.

You have to follow a few links, but the docs do point to: Key Values @ MDN.

You shouldn’t need to worry too much about the exceptions listed there, as SugarCube attempts to iron out the differences, so just use the default/basic values.

Oh, you are right, it was right there. Next time i should look around some more. Thanks for your help. Only got one last question.

As i understand only real keyboard keys are allowed, are they? Tried “click” and “mousedown” without success.

That’s correct. Only keyboard keys are supported by skipkey and Config.macros.typeSkipKey.

I could add mouse skipping if desired.

That would be very cool. I won’t say no, but i also think not having mouse skip isn’t a real problem. Every user should have a keyboard so it’s only a question of giving the user an explanaition of how to skip the text. One should do this anyway.