Type size and CSS testing request (for I7 games, ofc)

Hello people.

I’d need some “testing” on the web-playable games I just set up on http://www.andromedalegacy.com.
You don’t need to play all the games to completion. Actually, you just have to start the game, move a bit and then report the experience to me.

The things I’d like to know:

For all-text games (AAw, AAp, Lisey)
• how they look on different browsers (both Win/Mac)
• how they look at different resolutions/screens (I’m using both a 13" retina display and a 27" 2560px iMac)
• if there are glitches of sorts

For graphical games (A1983)
• how do the images scale/stick on different sizes/resolutions/systems.

Any help is appreciated. Unfortunately I have several computers and they all happen to be the same model :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.