Two-way links? (or "term" passages that point to all mentions of a specific term) + extra Q

Twine Version: 2.8.1

Hi again,
thanks so much again to everyone who helped me with my layout issues earlier.

I have 1 (actually, 2) additional questions:

I would like to create a thematic index. What I mean with is: let’s say the word “night” is important to my text (which is essay-like). I would like to create a passage called “night” to which all other passages link every time this term comes up. I know how to do that, BUT - what I would like is for this “night” passage to link to all passages where it is mentioned (which I think is what I could call a two-way link - every term “night” points to the “night” passage, and the “night” passage gives you the option to go anywhere the term “night” appears.

I got this from zettelkasten programs.
Is this something Twine can do in a relatively automated way? (this may again be super obvious, but I do not have the right terminology to search for a solution).

The extra question, which is unrelated, is that I have seen in random blogposts beautiful story map screenshots that look like a blueprint. Are these simply screenshots, or is there a way to download or print the map as an image?

Thanks so very much again!

Maybe it is possible with some custom code??? (if a Harlowe expert comes by, they might know :joy: )

But the basic/grunt way would be to create the night passage, and manually list all passages where you wrote night. And then, turn the word night in all those passage into a link going to that passage.

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(passages: where its source contains "night")

Will give you a datamap containing every passage with “night” in the text


Dang! that’s so clean and simple

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One thing to note is that the Passage containing that (passage:) macro call will also be included in the returned Array, even if the word “night” appears no where else in the content of that Passage.
eg. the source property search doesn’t distinguish being Textual content and Programmatic content.

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Very clever! My (potentially doomed?) idea would be to global search and replace the word “night” with [[night|nightpassage]] and then hopefully use a simple back link to return.

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Oh my, @manonamora , @Hituro , @Greyelf , @HanonO - thanks so, so much.
I knew there had to be a way!
I am so impressed with this community - thanks so much for all the help!

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