Two Games -- looking for players and feedback

Hi, everyone! I have two games that I’ve recently put up on I’m trying to get word out. I’d love some ratings, too. I’m planning to make a lot more IF games, so feedback will be very important.

Both of them are free and can be played in your browser. They’re both fairly short. Here’s a quick description and link.

“Murder on the Spaceship” is a text-based sci-fi mystery. You play a detective. You have to get statements and look at the evidence to figure out who did it. I’ve been told it’s a little challenging, but it does include some hints.

“Cursed Odyssey” is a text-based fantasy adventure. You play a captain trying to get home after a witch’s curse sends you off course, facing monsters, storms, and pirates along the way.


Just took a brief glance - these look very nice. Are they made with Twine?

Thanks! And yes, they’re both made with Twine.