A colleague and I are starting a new nomic, called twitternomic. We’re looking for a few players, and I thought I’d post here. Seem to be all sorts of intelligent/interesting folk involved with IF.

The game of Nomic was created in 1982 by Peter Suber, a philosophy professor out of Earlham College. The wikipedia entry for Nomic can be found here, and Suber’s site on the game can be found here.

The gist of Nomic is that a “move” is a rule change of the game itself. This makes for a very interesting, open-ended endeavour into whatever is of common interest to the players themselves. As one of the draws of IF is that sense of open-ended, anything-is-possible exploration, I am hoping there may be a few you here that we can hook.

The website for twitternomic can be found here, where you can read the initial rule set. That website will keep track of game state, but as for the dialogue (proposals, debates, votes) we will most likely create a Google Group.

Many nomics dissolve into paradox, and end quickly. Others are more robust. For a look at a long-running nomic, check out Agora Nomic here. You can peruse their current rule set, which is quite complex.