Twitter Hashtags

Do people use Twitter to promote their projects? I’ve started using my (mostly dormant) Twitter account (with all of 13 followers…) and have started to use the #IntFic hashtag. Is there a standard tag for IF-related posts? What do other people use?

And if people want to follow me, I’m CobwebbedDragon on Twitter, too.


I use indie game related tags (indiedev, indiegame, gamedev, etc) since those get a lot more exposure though I can’t say it’s been giving me any exceptional results. Most of my attention has come from forum posts or random people browsing, lol.

Maybe this website can help?

Blatant forum functionality plug!

Click the three dots on a message to reveal more icons. Click the link icon, and you can immediately post a forum link from a message here to Twitter or Facebook.

Screenshot 2020-05-15 21.09.23