Twitch Streaming Spring Thing

I’ll be Twitch Streaming the Spring Thing on Fridays starting tomorrow! Streams will start at 4pm Central. I’m aiming to get through 1 game per session, but if something’s short, I’ll pull games out from the Back Garden to get a full play session.

Here’s my randomly ordered list:

[spoiler]Ms. Lojka
Superhero Stress
Tangaroa Deep
Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony
Sisters of Claro Largo
Three-Card Trick
Evita Sempai
Rough Draft
The Xylophoniad
[Any leftover Back Garden Games]

From the Back Garden Games:
Dr. Sourpuss Is Not A Choice-Based Game
Foo Foo
Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood
Famous Baby
Dead Man’s Hill, by Arno von Borries[/spoiler]

Looking forward to playing! Authors, I’ll tweet at you 2-4 hours before I start your game, so let me know your handles (if they’re not on the Spring Thing list.)


Cool! (Games are generally shorter this time round too, yay)

Shorter as in… I should aim to play 2 games per session? I usually go for 3-4 hours.

Yeah, most will take thirty minutes to an hour to play. The Back Garden games aren’t necessarily shorter either. Foo Foo is probably one of the longest in the whole festival.

I’m up to about 1000 moves on Harmonic Time Bind and have half of the points.

Super appreciate the time estimates. Really helpful!

Time estimates are one thing I think are sorely missing in game descriptions. It’s nice knowing whether you’re about to play a five minute game or a five hour game before starting.

makes a note of this for future game descripts

This is something I’m thinking of making a second required (or at least strongly suggested) tag in next year’s festival, after platform.

Tangaroa Deep is pretty variable in length depending on how you play, but it should cap out around 30/40 mins for a single play-through MAX. It can go much shorter though.

Appreciate the time info, Astrid!

Knocked out Ms. Lojka and Dr. Sourpuss Is Not A Choice-Based Game last week.

Next is Superhero Stress and Tangaroa Deep (with Nocked! if I have time.)

Just an FYI that if you want to watch them, they’ll be up there live for 2 weeks before being scrubbed. This keeps story-based games fresh for players.

Deleted because never mind.

Today I’ll be playing Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony (at 4pm Central Time). Sadly, neither author has a twitter, so I’m posting about it here to hopefully let them know.

Also, since Shipwrecked is so short, I’ll start the stream off with that.

Thanks very much for this! I will have to watch a replay of the stream later, as I have a musical performance obligation at the same time. Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony has a lot of text and content, but also tries to make it easy to progress through the story. The game is also somewhat ambiguous about what counts as completion, you can finish the main storyline with about half the total points and many scenes left unplayed. You can probably see most of the game in 1-2 hours depending on reading speed.

No problem. Super loved your game and hope you enjoy watching the replay.

Today doing:

Sisters of Claro Largo
Three-Card Trick
Evita Sempai

At 4pm central. Fun times!

Last of the bunch:

Rough Draft
The Xylophoniad
Dead Man’s Hill

I just want to say - what a great bunch of games, and I’m really enjoying playing through them all. Great job, authors!