Twisty Passages

Hi all! First of all, please excuse me if my platform does not fit into what you expect from interactive fiction. Moderators, please feel free to hide/delete if you think that this topic should not be here. :slight_smile:

I am the creator of a website called Twisty Passages ( ) - it is a non-commercial, no-profit website and platform for what most people know as “choose your own adventure” books. But on Twisty Passages you can also create your own adventures for other readers by filling out simple forms and linking “chapters” to each other depending on up to 7 different choices. Adventure status is persistent (saved in a database) and there are simple mechanics to offer “skill” checks on certain actions, with two different outcomes (chapters) possible - this should help make the adventures less linear and static.

The platform is in very early development, but creators can already craft adventures and readers can “play” them. I started making an adventure myself, but I realise that I do not have enough time to both develop the platform and create adventures for it, so I would like to invite some creators onto the site. I would greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions on what could make the site better.

Again, I am doing this for a hobby, not to make money out of it. I have also recently bought a Kindle and have to say that this would work perfectly in its internet browser. I have also started work on an Android client for this platform, so that people on their Android smartphones and future tablets could be another source of readership.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi Rootshell,

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