Twinery creating problems with my PC

I downloaded Twinery upon the recommendation of Clark Aldrich.

Since doing so I have had continual problems with my PC. It flashes dark for few seconds, the returns to normal. I have since removed the program from my computer, but the problem continues.

Who can help with this?


“Twinery”? This is a place for help with Twine. Are you sure you have the correct place?

Also, there is nothing about Twine which should cause any problems with a PC, unless possibly your hard drive was almost full and installing it pushed it over the limit. In which case, still not a Twine issue really.

If you’re having issues with your PC, any relationship to Twine is likely entirely coincidental and irrelevant.

I’d recommend seeking out someone who is good with PCs to take a look at your computer.

Twine, sorry. It is not a coincidence. I love how so many default requests for help immediately point back to the user.

Insulting me is not constructive, either… “someone good with PCs”

Twine has been around for quite a long time and used by many people and I’ve never heard of it making a PC act this way, so it’s understandable that the initial reaction is “are you sure it’s not on your end?”

The Twine windows app is also basically just the web app wrapped into electron to run on windows (the same way that discord and spotify are). I think the only changes it makes are a few registry entries. You can view the source code here if you’re suspicious of its changes to your PC.

I’m sorry that your PC is acting up but it really does seem coincidental, at least until we have more information. Have you tried looking at your system messages to see if a driver or device is erroring? I believe that tends to be the cause of screens flashing like that.

Thanks for the respectful response.

If you don’t know what’s wrong, then how do you know it’s not a coincidence? Since all installing Twine does is put some files into a directory that has nothing to do with the operating system and add a few registry entries which, again, have nothing to do with the operating system, it’s not really possible for it to be the cause of the problems you describe. Therefore it must be a coincidence.

Also, I never once said or implied it was user error, so don’t pretend I did.

Finally, I wasn’t being insulting, but you do not appear to be able to solve this yourself, since you were reaching out here, so obviously you’ll need someone who can solve the problem. If your car broke down and you couldn’t fix it, would you be insulted if someone suggested that you see someone who was good with cars to take a look at it? You sought out people here for help, so I don’t see how it would possibly be insulting to suggest that you seek out someone who is more appropriate to solve the problem. There’s no shame in doing that.

If you still choose to see what I said as an insult, that’s on you, not me.

I second that this is unlikely to be Twine. Twine is open source, so you can review the code yourself. There’s nothing malicious in it. That said, where did you download it from? Was it from the official site, or from the GitHub repo? If not, it’s possible it was a compromised version or not Twine at all.

As others have said, it could be coincidental too. But regardless, if the problem persists after removing the app, you should run a system scan with your antivirus software and see if it turns up anything.

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Sounds like the backlight is failing on your monitor. I’ve had one monitor like that at work, usable but exceedingly annoying so I replaced it.
Of course, if it’s in a laptop, you might find it cheaper to replace the laptop then get it repaired.

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