Twine: using version control with Twine 2?

So I was thinking of using some kind of version/source control with the Twine 2 desktop client- something better than publishing to file every time I make changes. Is this a question worth asking? One problem is that I can’t change where the Twine 2 desktop client saves files (it always saves to ~/Documents/Twine), so… I don’t know. Any workarounds? Or just persevere?

I use Mercurial for my personal version control, and you can set it up in any folder you want. I wrote a Windows-focused walkthrough of Mercurial/Tortoise HG here:

Our project is big (currently 50K words, anticipating about 100K). We are NOT using the Twine2 interface because it is too limited.

If you’re asking about Version Control then I assume you have some experience with programming languages.

In which case I’d recommend Twee2:

This is a command-line compiler that takes twee compatible text files and produces twine2 output. We’re using Scapple to do our actual writing, because its far more visual than a text editor, but you don’t get the nice programmatic features of something like SublimeText (theres a language definition for SublimeText which is why I recommend it)

One of its most powerful features is that it supports StoryIncludes, so you can break your story down into individual chapters or scenes. This makes version control much easier.

If you’re on OSX, you can decompile your existing Twine2 project into Twee.

Yup, I’m already using Twee, it works a treat!

There is also Tweego, which supports both Twine 1.x and 2.x. Pretty much does the same thing as Twee2, but doesn’t require Ruby. It can also successfully decompile on windows, but I digress.

I use a bitbucket and git-bash to store all my twine 2 stuff in the same repository. It is not conventional (to have all projects in a monolithic repository) but it works for me.

I used a git repo for my Twine work, with a lot of success.