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Dear people at,

I wish to warn you in the hope you do not suffer the same loss I suffered. I noticed I had an old version of Twine, and wished to update. Well, let’s say that if you install a new version of Twine it overwrites the old. And, most importantly all subdirectories. In the end I managed to lose the ‘backup’ and whatever was in the ‘stories’ directories.
I’m not sure how to update without installing a new version yet, but I should advise you to save your work immediately prior to updating Twine, and to save it somewhere else.

Oh man, sorry to hear that!
You could try a search with PhotoRec & TestDisk, which are quite good file recovery utilities. They are free and open-source. Link: CGSecurity
Despite the name, PhotoRec is not only for photos. Here’s a guide: PhotoRec Step By Step - CGSecurity
You might need to change the file types which it’s looking for in the settings, so that it includes html files.

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Generally I’d recommend backing things up before doing updates of any software.

That said, I just did a test and confirmed that the current v2.3.15 installer does indeed incorrectly delete any subdirectories in the Twine installation folder. However, my Twine\Stories and Twine\Backups folders within the Windows “Documents” folder were untouched and none of my stories were lost within the editor.

So, the problem only appears to be related to subdirectories in the Twine installation directory.

I’ve created bug report #962Twine installer incorrectly deletes all contents of Twine installation folder during reinstallation” to report this problem to the author.

Thank you both of you. I should say it happened with 2.3.14 for me, but I was so dejected it took me some time to report. I did miss that 2.3.15 had been made available inbetween.