Twine Sugarcude Game Templates


I'm a relative newbie to Twine Sugarcube, but have made a couple of RPG games. I noticed that I was reinventing the wheel with core elements, so I made a set of templates that could be copied and pasted into ant game I started and then be customised to suit the game. I thought that other newbies might find them helpful. They are:

A Character Select System (name, gender, race and class).

A Simple Inventory System (pick up, dipose, store and retrieve).

A Shop (buy items if sufficient gold).

A Tavern (buy drinks, talk to people).

A Crafting Shop (blacksmith and alchemist).

A Combat System (punch, kick, use weapons, use skills and use potions).

Click on them to run in a browser (images in base64) or load into Twine Sugarcube.

If more than one template imported check javascript and css isn't repeated. Also, combat system uses typical parameters for each class. Change these to parameters set by character select system if used with it.

Feel free to customise and adapt as required.

A zip file containing all six templates can be downloaded from MediaFire at: