Twine stopped allowing renaming stories


Using SugarCube 2.30 (though this effects games that don’t use this)

Just something I ran into: when I try to change the name of one of the stories it said:
“And error occurred while renaming the story.
EACCES: permission denied” etc…
The name shows up changed on the program, but not when you go into the Stories folder. When I try again, I get the error:
“ENOENT: no such file or directory” etc…

When I go into the Stories folder and try rename them there the rename option is greyed out. This stayed the same after I exported a Twine archive, changed the name of the Stories folder, and re-imported the Twine archive.

Thank you!

I’d recommend reporting that to the Twine issues list.

I suspect that it’s related to the “Random duplicates that contains various versions” bug, so you might want to try the temporary fix I posted there.

It’s a bug that’s been around for a bit now, and considering that the longer people use Twine, the more likely people are to run into it, I’m not sure why the developer doesn’t appear to be trying to fix it faster.

If my fix helps you, please mention it in the bug report, so hopefully that helps push him to fix this sooner.

Let us know how it goes too.

Hm, also inexplicable is when it fixes itself. I don’t think I had done anything yet between when I posted this and when I went to try out your fix, but I noticed a little lock symbol that had been on the folder was no longer there. I checked and the rename option wasn’t greyed out anymore. I went into the program and changed the title of one of them and it worked normally.

Incidentally, when I tried the other fix with renaming the Stories folder then importing the archive to make a new one, I left the old, renamed Stories folder there, and it still has the little lock symbol and the rename option is greyed out for its files. Yesterday both folders had the little lock symbol. Maybe it was being influenced by something else on the computer (stab in the dark).

Thanks anyway! If it ever breaks again I’ll know of something to try!