Twine Rounding the score

Hi there, I am trying to round my variable to two decimal places but for some reason it is giving me a strange error. My score variable is changing throughout my entire program and I want to round it to two D.P. Attached is a screenshot showing my variable, is there some other way I can do this rounding? When I try doing this the value does not show up in my game it only shows “function]” Please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

This is screenshot showing what happens when I try this

In the future. Please include problematic code as-is within your post—using a code block. Screenshots of visual issues are great, screenshots of code are less so.

If what you’re attempting to display is more than a simple variable access, then you have to use the <<print>> macro—or it’s alias the <<=>> macro. For example:

<<= $scores.toFixed(2)>>