Twine Resources

I have been playing with Twine over the last few weeks and have put together a page of tips, tricks and answers on how to implement different features. I thought they might be of interest or help to some of those on here.

So here are the Twine Tricks I’ve collected. Some of the code is my own, but most comes from others who have helped out others on forums. As well as some links to Twine tutorials and good example games.

I’ve also put together a general choice-based book and game resource list.

Thanks! I tried Twine a couple of months ago, and failed to find any serious and good documentation. (In fact, most of it seemed to be for an old and completely incompatible version of the platform.) This should be useful.

Great! I’m an Inform noob who is just starting to look into Twine, and I thought I’d look in here for resources. Glad I did!

The Twine2 Wiki is a great resource if you haven’t discovered it.

Some people prefer to use the “original” Twine instead of Twine 2 and it’s default Harlowe format.

Another popular option is SugarCube, which has lots of powerful features beyond what vanilla Twine is capable of and has a Twine2 plugin.

Also don’t hesitate to peruse their forums as well for hardcore Twine issues; the users there have done amazing things.

Nice tutorials. There is also a good book on Twine called “Writing Interactive Fiction with Twine” by Melissa Ford. I found it on amazon.

Thanks, now I’ve got lots of great resources for my ever growing knowledge of Twine. :slight_smile:

The Twine links are dead. Did you move that content somewhere else?