Twine-Monogatari: edit your stories on Twine, execute them on Monogatari


This Twine 2 story format allows one to use Twine to create Visual Novels for the Monogatari engine.

Demo: … /demo.html

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It looks like the link for the demo is at

Looks like a cool tool to make VN development more accessible!

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Thanks for your interest; the idea is to, hopefully, lower the barrier of entry for VN development.

BTW, version 0.2.0 has just been released:

Implemented various syntax checking:

  • Checks for passage names with whitespace;
  • Checks if there exists at least one passage named “Start”;
  • Checks for JS syntax errors;
  • Checks for YAML syntax errors;
  • Logs a detailed error list on the browser console;
  • Displays a simplified error list as a floating pop up for the user.