TWINE: Is it possible to have two choices have the same outcome?

Is it possible to make two choices have the same final outcome?
For example:

You see a man.

You tell a joke (Choice 1)
You tell a story (Choice Two)


Passage One:
The man laughs


Passage Two:
The man listens

Now, on each passage there is Continue hypertext.

Is it possible to make both hyper texts continue to the same next passage?

Passage 0 = Passage One and Passage Two.

Instead of Passages 1 and 2 branching off, can they reconnect into a single passage again?

I’m not sure what format you’re using, but in sugarcube, you can use -> to direct a link to a specific passage. like this, [[Continue->next passage]].

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Yeah, of course.

[[option 1|same passage]]
[[option 2|same passage]]
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Three answers to this is probably overkill, but just to make it absolutely clear, it’d go something like this:

Your starting passage:

You see a man.

[[You tell a joke|choice 1]] 

[[You tell a story|choice 2]]

Passage named “choice 1”:

The man laughs

[[Continue|next passage]]

Passage named “choice 2”:

The man listens

[[Continue|next passage]]

Passage named “next passage”:

The story rejoins here.

You can of course name the passages whatever you want. “choice 1” and “next passage” are poor passage names but they work as an example.


Assuming you’re using the SugarCube story format in Twine, rather than doing what tayruh describes, and making two passages merely for one sentence each, you might want to do something like this instead:

You see a man.

[[You tell a joke|Response][$txt = "laughs"]]

[[You tell a story|Response][$txt = "listens"]]

and then in the “Response” passage you could do:

The man $txt.<<unset $txt>>

More text here...

That will have the same effect as tayruh’s code, but instead of needing three passages, it only needs one. (The <<unset>> macro is used to get rid of the $txt variable, since you likely don’t need it anymore.)

Hope that helps! :grinning:

P.S. You should note what story format you’re using in Twine, since the answers may vary from story format to story format.


Thank you all for the answers, they all helped.
Sorry to ask a question that has such a simple answer. I’m literally 2 days old to Twine.

I originally wanted to use Inform 7, but I’m running Linux Mint MATE, and having a lot of issues running a 2015 download in 2020.