Twine is Bad

Today I heard that a famous youtube man made a bad twine game to prove that twine is bad

So I realized that he was right and made this twine game about how bad twine is

Here it is, I call it: Twine is Bad

please enjoy???

Ha, so I’ll admit that I saw this post, felt pissed off, and didn’t click the game. Then I was playing a game tonight and saw that it was made… by you! And was shocked because I remembered the name from the board. Decided to come back here and click. Glad that I did.

Huge fan of Twine as well as parser games. It’s all interactive fiction.

And now I’m going to spend the weekend trying to figure out how you make the text delays on Twine like you did in this piece.

Thank you for it!

Leon Arnott made the “combined replace macro”, an indispensable resource for twine authors that i used to make the text delays.

This and his sound macro are my two go-to scripts.

oh, and thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed!

I love Leon’s macros. I’ve used a bunch. And got the timed delay text one working today. So thank you!

I thought that text delay was trying to prove the title. Then I realised it wasn’t. Ok… slow down stormrose… sometimes you gotta go the speed the authors insists. BTW: great list of games. I’m going to play all the ones I haven’t got to yet.

Well, your game made me change my mind about twine slightly. I like the way you give us valid answers on the general reasons that some of us hate Twine. (I have some very specific reasons, haha).

@ inurashii: I agree with the title of your thread, actually, simply because online parsers are inaccessible on mobile devices. Simples!

Actually, I am able to download Twine games very easily and play them on my iPod Touch using Mercury. Making them accessible.

More than “being able to”, this is how I routinely play Twine games. On my mobile device.

But Twine games don’t use parsers, so I’m confused about why there is a comment about online parsers in this thread.

Inaccessible on Android and Windows Phone, then. And no good reason for that either, especially if it’s been adapted to be accessible on crApple devices.

I don’t know if it’s been adapted to be accessible on crApple devices, because I never heard of that brand, but I do know that no special adaptation was required for them to run on my particular Apple device.

I just took the pains of looking for ways to, a) store the files locally, and b) get a browser that would run offline .htm(l) files.

I could have bitched and moaned about it, of course, but hey - with my method, I’m actually playing the games!