(Twine Harlowe 3.1) Is there a way to change the the colour of link created with the (link:) macro?

So I’ve been trying to change the colour of link in the (link:macro). But it only changes the colour of the text that appears after the link is clicked (which i don’t want changed). I’ve tried externally changing the colour of the link text using a hook, but apparently (link:) can’t accept a hook as a link text. Is there any other way i could change the link?

A: If you want to change the text colour of all links in your project.

Then this answer includes an example of the four CSS selectors related to links. (both Markup based and Macro based)

In your specific case you will want to use the first CSS selector (shown in the example) to assign a valid CSS colour value to the element’s color property.
eg. the following changes the default text colour of all links to green.

tw-link, .enchantment-link {
	color: green;

B: If you want to change the text colour of specific links only.

Then you will need to read this answer to the “Is There a Way to Change the Color of Individual Links?” question.