Twine games with source code available?

Hey, I’m looking for Twine games that have source code available. I’m particularly looking for games that use variables in any way and were made with the latest version of Twine. Can anyone help me out here?

“Latest” as in 1.4.1 or 2.0beta?

Did you know you can import built .html Twine games into Twine and see the source code? I haven’t tried this myself, but I know a lot of people use the function to see how things are done.

Oh, I’m sorry, should have been more clear. I meant 1.4.1.

1.4.2 is in pretty stable beta status, it seems. I’d send you a file, but I haven’t actually upgraded yet. FWIW I don’t think the variable syntax has changed much over the last few versions.

I’m happy to share my source code files. Also, I think the Porpentine makes all of her .tws files available when she releases games (with the exception of Everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone, which was designed to be temporary)

Yeah, I have a lot of source code available on my site (follow the link at the bottom of my interactive fiction page), and has source from the most recent version of twine

The source code for Hallowmoor is available (ZIP is linked at IFDB), but I doubt it’s built on the latest Twine by this point.

I have shared source-code for a few games. Scroll past the programmer posts… or search for “source”

Pain and Progress is a simple MainLoop / variable driven twine game tutorial.