Twine cookbook?

I can’t find the Twine cookbook. I looked at Twine Cookbook but there’s no documentation. What’s wrong with me (or with the cookbook)?

What kind of documentation are you looking for?
Each format has its specific domain. You can find them on the main Twinery page.

The links to the actual cookbook content are in the sidebar:

Edit: never mind what the rest of this comment previously said, I was wrong.

The page you mention says: " The Twine Cookbook has advice on how to choose a story format and easy-to-follow examples of how to accomplish common tasks with each of Twine’s built-in formats." That would be cool. But I will check the docs you mentioned. Many thanks! But aren’t there more than 4 formats?

Edit while I wrote, there was another answer. Thx, too. As I said Ivwill check the 4 docs

There are, but not every format is maintained or had extensive documentation.

Thanks again.

I now know that the problem with the cookbook comes from viewing with the smartphone. I need to turn on desktop mode, then it should be ok.

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Can you please create one or more issues on the Cookbook’s Github repository listing any mistakes or “out of date” information you’ve found in the Cookbook.

note: There is currently only one open issue, regarding the Twine 2.x application’s documentation. If people don’t tell the Cookbook’s authors about things that need to be fixed or updated then they can’t do such.

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I’m sorry—it was three years ago, when I was first getting back into writing in Twine, that I encountered issues with the Cookbook; I didn’t make note of the problems at the time and I haven’t tried to use it again since. I got the impression from comments around here that it was known that the Cookbook was outdated but it had not been updated because it was too large of an undertaking due to the number of story formats and the fact that some of them were little used, but it sounds like this was incorrect and it is in fact continuously maintained?

So that being the case, it’s possible the issues I encountered have been fixed since then, or possibly it was all just user error and I’m wrongly blaming the Cookbook for it. I’m sorry for saying misleading things based on my mistaken understanding. @Pebblerubble, please disregard my comment.