Twine auto-cloning my story every time I open it?


Twine Version: 2.2.1
Story Format: 2.21.0 Sugarcube

So. I have a working story. I know it’s a working story. But when I try to click ‘play’ to test, it fails to load any passage except the starting passage. Weird, right?

Gets weirder. As soon as I open any given passage in the editor, then try to ‘play’ again, those passages are absolutely fine and dandy, but anything I didn’t pre-load in this weird way still acts like it doesn’t exist.

I did not have this problem yesterday. What’s going on?

Update: Looks like something broke in the old version, but updating to 2.3.8 fixed it. However, I have a new problem…every single time I open my story, it’s being cloned, leading to tons of copies of same-named stories with only the last edited date and time to differentiate. Seriously, what’s going on?

This is a bug in the v2.3.x branch of Twine. Follow the instructions here to fix it.

Until this bug is fixed, I’d recommend avoiding using the “Rename Story” or “Duplicate Story” methods within Twine, and you also shouldn’t import an HTML file which has an internal name which matches a story already in your version of Twine. (The “internal name” is the one found within <tw-storydata name="(internal name here)" inside the HTML.)

If you need to duplicate or rename a story, you should export the HTML with the new filename you want, then edit the HTML in a decent text editor (like Notepad++) to change the internal name to match that new name you want, save it, and then import that HTML into Twine. (You may also want to change the file’s IFID as well while you’re doing that.)

Hope that helps! :smiley:

Avoiding is definitely easiest, but I think we at least figured out what is causing the bug and a workaround to make sure it renames correctly. For whatever that’s worth.

I really wouldn’t mind a hot fix being dropped on this incredibly common bug. It’s getting a bit tiresome seeing it asked all the time (no offense to OP).

Interestingly, there were no ‘extra stories’ when I opened the text file of the archive, yet the fix worked anyway. Thanks!

Yeah, Twine has a “hydrate” object which appears to be intended to prevent data loss, but unfortunately it’s preventing data from going away which is supposed to go away. :stuck_out_tongue:

My ASAR fix file empties out the hydrate object, allowing the code to get rid of the duplicates.