TWINE and the ability to allow a game to grow, once its published?

Hi, I’m a newbie, been very much enjoying learning Twine. But I have a fundamental question and moment of crisis. I’m currently building a virtual townscape, where you visit locations and discover unusual facts about a place, this can lead to a non-linear story dev which I find interesting especially in terms of connections between locations and content. I’ve been imagining this as an ever expanding story. But once this environment is uploaded, published and hosted somewhere, is it problematic to add further strands and stories/locations with ease? I can’t seem to find any discussions or strands on this here or elsewhere. Advice and pointers would be very much appreciated, and I hope this isn’t a stupid question.


Hi :wave:

Not all! There are actually tons of Twines Work-In-Progress on itch, with more-or-less regular updates.
(I’ve done that myself too :stuck_out_tongue: )

Though, depending on the kind of update (like adding a variable in StoryInit for SugarCube*, or renaming a passage for all formats), save files might be broken or run into issues. In those cases, people need to start a new playthrough. The way your project is built from the start will determine whether updates will be smooth or whether restarts is needed.
*I have seen some sort of JS code to go around this issue, but can’t find it right now)