[Twine 2][Sugarcube 2] How to make custom dialog boxes?

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Twine Version:2.3.7
Story Format: sugarcube 2

I’m not that good in CSS and have tried to make a dialog box. Is there any idiot guide out there for someone like me to how to set this up?

Is that picture what you want to recreate, or if what you have now? It looks like it was made via my speech box system: https://macros.twinelab.net/#/speech-box-system

Since you said you already tried to make one, I assume that image is what you’ve already made yourself. If that’s so, what do you need help “setting up” exactly? Are you just not happy with the appearance? If so, what should it look like? What have you tried? Can you make a mock up? Can you try to style it yourself and come back with more specific questions when you have problems?

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Before I start im on my phone at work.

I have been going back and forward with diffrent system on how to make the dialog. And I have never seen the link you posted now. And I think its what I need to get it to work :smiley:

Can I replay back in 13 yours when I get back from work and have tried it ? :slight_smile:

Heh… Here’s a post where I answered someone who asked a nearly identical question:
r/twinegames - [Sugarcube] How to make custom dialog boxes for game characters

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


is there a way to get the $name function to work with your setup? everything crash as i try start the event

I don’t know what that means. What’s the $name function? What do you mean it’s crashing? What event? Is it actually crashing your whole browser? Is there an error message? What exactly are you doing?

I have at the beginning of the story a Box where the player can type in a new name for the character ($name) so when I type in $name instad of Lisa I get a error message That’s long :slight_smile: (work and can send the error message later)

Are you trying something like <<$name ...>>? If so, you need to be using the <<say>> macro, e.g. <<say $name ....>>.

Thanks :slight_smile: sorry about all of the question. Im so bad at this :frowning: