Twine 2 organization


I’ve learning Inform7 and Twine2 the past week or so, and I finished a test project in Twine.
It’s here: … 20WV…html

It’s a draft, lots of warts.

My question was about the attachment, which is a screenshot of the Twine2 interface. I didn’t really have a plan for organizing this it just kind of sprawled. Is there a best practices guideline for how keep your passages straight?

I noticed a similar problem for me in Inform7, is that you’re a bit forced into a linear organizational scheme. Twine2 is a little freer in that regard, but I still don’t quite grok good organization in either.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!



The following articles apply to organization strategies:

Yeah, I noticed that about Inform7. What you are creating has non-linear structure and yet the source code looks linear. It isn’t, but the layout makes it look that way. The index helps, but doesn’t go far enough. When I read the source code, I sometimes feel like I’m drowning in a sea of words.

TADS does a better job at exposing the structure, but at the cost of a novice drowning in a sea of curly braces.

The Twine interface, on the other hand, exposes structure beautifully. I am in awe of it’s UI. Basic twine has a 1-minute learning curve, which is just amazing to me.