Twine 2 is running terribly, please advise

I’ve been running Twine 2 to make my newest game, and it’s been acting like garbage for a while now. Let me explain. . .

After a certain point in development, the program would do everything incredibly slowly–opening passages, making new ones, etc. Then it would refuse to make new passages until I closed and reopened Twine entirely. Now, it runs slowly AND doesn’t like to update the source .html file with new changes I make to my game. Sometimes the source file updates, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s weird.

I suspect this is because of the size of my game (it’s over 1mb), but what exactly am I supposed to do about that? I also made games bigger than this in Twine 1 and I never had such issues. This whole thing has honestly turned me off of Twine 2 entirely.

If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this, or how Twine 2 can run better, OR if you’ve dealt with these issues before, I’d really appreciate it. I’m desperate for solutions here.

Just to be clear, you’re saying that the Twine 2 editor is slow, not your game, right? If so, are you using the offline or online version of the editor?

Generally this tends to be a problem when your game has lots of passages (or possibly lots of links to passages?). From what I’ve heard from other people, this tends to happen at around 700+ passages, though YMMV. (And Twine v1 has the same problem as well.)

As for what you can do about it, see the recent “UI Optimization tips?” thread from the r/twinegames subreddit.

Also, you might want to add your voice to the “Improve performance of editor” Twine issue report over at GitHub.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

Correct, I’m saying the editor itself is slow. And I use the offline, downloadable version.
Someone on Twitter said it might also be because I have lots of images in my game. Either way, this is a frustrating problem.
Thanks for the links! I’ll give those a look.

Are you using embedded images in your code? Even if you are, I don’t think that images in your game would slow down the Twine editor. If they aren’t embedded, then definitely not.

I agree it’s annoying, which is why many large Twine projects switch from using the Twine editor to using text files written in Twee notation and compiling that into a Twine game using Tweego instead.

Good luck! :grinning:

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My game is currently at 3.2 mb and I’m not experiencing any slowdowns at all. How many passages do you have?

According to my story statistics, I have . . . over a thousand passages?! Jesus Christ. That explains some things. Someone on Twitter also told me it could be because of the images in my game.

Like I said, forget the images comment. They’re likely wrong.

It’s the 1000+ passages and all of their links that’s slowing the Twine editor’s UI down.

Gotcha. Thanks everyone!