[Twine 2] [Harlowe 3] other command macros or variable

hello everyone, it’s me again. i have another question i’d like to ask to you all. is there any other macro that doesn’t included in the cookbook or any other variables symbol. for example, we know that “$” sign is a story wide variable symbol and “_” sign is a temporary variable symbol. but when i check some command in HTML story file using twine, i notice a “?” sign variable symbol in certain command. like for example ?passage variable and the software recognized it.

because of that, i wonder if there’s other command macro or variabe symbol that doesn’t get included into the cookbook

I don’t want to brush you off with an RTFM, but … seriously, your best bet is to read the official Harlowe documentation that can be found here. It’s not perfect, but it is a complete guide to Harlowe, and is fairly accessible for a beginner.

well, alright then. thank you for the info.