[twine 2][harlowe 3] How to make stats, equipments, and relation system?

hello everyone. first of all, i’m new in the community! i’m trying to make an rpg game lately. right now, i’m in the process of making stats, equipment and relation system.

i have some question that keep bugging me, which is:

can anyone tell me what command macros do i need to make the stats especially when making health bar and making a level progress bar.

can someone tell me on how to make equipment system? like how to equip to our main character and other character including the effect if the equipment being used.

can someone tell me on how to create relationship system? like in choice of games one for example.

is there a simplified version on fairmath system?

and also, is there any command similar to (goto: (history:)'s last) macro? i use this type of command in my inventory passage. at first, it’s working, but i want to make the stats, equipment and relation have their own passage like in choice of games game. when i tried to execute the command, it only brings me to the passage before it. for example:

the passage i’m currently at is labelled “sword” and when i press “bow” then press “back” in the “bow” passage, it only brings me back to the sword passage not back to the story where it left. this frustate me so much.

i also hope that anyone that want to answer this question also give me an html file example on how to use the command. sure the twinery cookbook give the example, but i don’t know how to incorporate the macros into my story. if the html file you want to give meis part of your story, don’t worry, i won’t steal it. i just want to know how the macros are used in a story. plus, it could also teach me on how to make my storytelling better.

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