Twine 2 efficiency (or How to impliment tags to multipul passages at once?)

Hello there,

I’m currently working on a joint project providing the visual bells and whistles for a Twine2 project with a writer, because of this I will get the Twine story updated with additional passages of text that I then need to apply all the visuals to, mostly this is done via the stylesheet so there’s nothing that needs doing but we’re using the passage tags to implement a typewriter effect on the text.
So I’m looking for a way to add this tag to more than one passage at once, as doing it one at a time is time consuming and causes issues where I can’t easily see which passages I may have missed.

Can I default to all passages in the stylesheet somehow (and if so, can I still add a tag if I want to override this default for occasional single passages)?
Can I mark which passages have tags applied in the overview so I can easily see when I’ve missed on?

Thanks all.

Yes and yes. If you style the “body”, then that will be the default style, and then you can override that using passage tags.

Generally speaking, if you want to work with CSS, I’d recommend learning how to work with the “Developer Tools” window in your browser (F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+I to open it in most browsers, or right-click on an element on the page and then choose “Inspect Element”). It will let you see the HTML on the page and what CSS is being applied to what. You can experiment with the HTML and CSS there, and once you get things looking the way you want, you can just copy those changes to your game.

I’d also recommend checking out the “CSS” section of the SugarCube documentation.

Yes. If you click the “▼” next to a tag in one of the passages, you can give that tag a color. That will then cause all passages with that tag to show that color in the story’s main “node view” window.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

Thanks! Although I think I might have miscommunicated my first problem.

I am using a text transition called typewriter, which is currently implemented via the tag system as t8n-typewriter-30*

*this number is the speed and I can change depending on how fast I want the text to appear.

This is what I need to quick way to apply to every passage but I cannot find or figure out how to do so, what am I missing here?

Ah, sorry, no. There isn’t a way to add a single tag to multiple passages currently.

If you’d like to suggest that they add such a feature to the Twine editor, you can do that on the Twine “Issues” page. That said, tag coloring should help you make sure you haven’t missed tagging any passages which need the tag.

Hope that helps. :grinning: