Twine 2.4.0 beta 2

I’ve just released beta 2 of Twine 2.4 and wanted to start a thread for general discussion. If you notice a specific bug or have a specific suggestion, please take a minute to open an issue!

The usual warnings apply to this beta. Although this is imho significantly more stable than beta 1…

  • This beta might trash your work.
  • You might have problems moving back to 2.3 after using this beta.

Make sure to save a backup copy of your story library before you try this beta.

If you haven’t been following 2.4 development, there are many changes.

  • The story editor now supports undo/redo for nearly everything.
  • Modal dialogs, like the passage editor and find/replace, have been replaced with modeless versions.
  • Stories can be tagged and the story list can filter on tags.
  • Lots of smaller tweaks, like being able to set the font and font size in editors.

Besides general feedback, there are two things I could really use help with.

  • If you are fluent in a language other than English, then your help would be greatly appreciated with updating the UI text. There are many new messages in this version. See the CONTRIBUTING file for how this works.
  • If you use assisitive technology like JAWS or VoiceOver, it would be really helpful to hear about your experiences with the beta. I’d like to improve the accessibility of Twine in 2.4. Probably creating GitHub issues will be the easiest way to track work.