Tweego, a command line compiler for Twine/Twee story formats

Tweego’s been around for a few years now in beta, however, I’ve finally had some time to polish it up and publish a proper release.

Tweego is a free (gratis and libre) command line compiler for Twine/Twee story formats, written in Go, which is compatible with all story formats (both Twine 1 and Twine 2 styles).

Announcing Tweego v1.0.1:

Downloads & documentation:

Edit: Updated to v1.0.1 to fix an import issue.

I absolutely love tweego. I’ve been exploring the many possibilities of Twine 2 lately (which was previously impossible, due to twine 2’s lack of screen reader accessibility.) Also, making Sugarcube-2 the default story format was a great idea IMHO, seeing that the majority of Twine games using Sugarcube are completely accessible with screen readers. (A note to any twine authors reading this: if you don’t like SugarCube, stories in the snowman format are also very accessible.)

I have low vision but do pretty well with a larger screen and magnification. Accessibility support is most important. Thank you for the heads up. I like Twine already. I will try this. Sounds like it will be even better.


There’s also Twee2, but I prefer the ease of use and backwards compatibility of Tweego.

Announcing Tweego v1.2.0:

Downloads & documentation:

Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed fatal output errors caused by bad output paths being silently discarded.
  • Added a Twine 2 archive option (-a, --archive-twine2) which produces an output file suitable for importing into Twine 2 or compatible compilers—e.g. Tweego.
  • Added a Twine 1 archive option (–archive-twine1) which produces an output file suitable for importing into Twine 1 or compatible compilers—e.g. Tweego.
  • Updated the documentation and usage message to explicitly state that directory searching is recursive.
  • A few other minor improvements.

Announcing Tweego v1.3.0:

Downloads & documentation:

Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed an issue with HMTL file decompilation where a few character entities/references were being unescaped twice.
  • Added a modification option (–head=FILE) which appends the contents of the specified file to the element of the compiled HTML.
  • Added a filesystem watching option (-w, --watch) which watches the input sources for changes and rebuilds the output as necessary.
  • Added support for embedding more media formats. In particular, various audio and video formats.
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I just noticed you can add other story formats to Tweego now. I don’t know if that was possible in earlier versions, but I could be wrong about that.

That’s always been possible. The story format archive on its website even contains several different story formats.

Can you give some examples of what you would use Tweego for? I cannot see anything saying what it is actually for in the docs.

Tweego lets you compile a Twine game starting with plain text files. So you can do your work in any text editor rather than using the Twine IDE.

If you’re asking why people would want to do that, see the posts at the top of this thread. Some people can’t use the Twine IDE for accessibility reasons; some just prefer a text editor.