Trying to transport the player to a different room at end of conversation


I’m trying to move a character from one room to another when conversation ends, but I have had no success. I’ve tried numerous bits of code (of which I can’t remember most of them as I’m new and poking at things to learn), the most recent try is this:

++ YesTopic, SuggestedYesTopic
    "(blah blah long bit of conversation)";

(This is inside a convnode, if that makes any difference.)

I’ve spent the last two days looking through documentation and googling to try to figure out what I need to do to make it work. It’s probably something super obvious I keep overlooking, so if anyone could point me towards something that works I’d be super grateful.

are you getting an error message? If you want to move the player character to another room, that would be the way to do it. If you on the other hand wanted to move the person you’re talking to, you could use getActor or the direct actor object, if you have one, instead of me.

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Okay, thanks to you mentioning error messages I finally found the issue.

Apparently I had used double quotes instead of single quotes in the description of the destination, and since it was bugging me about another bit of code in that room (which didn’t stop me from running the script but I have now removed, so I finally got the “You’re using the template wrong”-message) I never really thought it could be that.

So it turned out it was something super obvious I’d missed after all, just not where I had been looking.

Thank you so much!

Glad you got it sorted out :slight_smile:

Always glad to see new TADS3 users popping up : ) Good luck!