Trying to setup a conversation.

Thie sequence works:

This does not work - that is, it does not return what is expected - more…

This is the only reply I can get and that is via several versions of “Section 1”. I have dicected the code but without any success. So, any help will be appreciated :open_mouth:

It would seem that you speak of the devil yet he doth not appear.
At least, the response is the one that Inform gives when the player tries to address someone not present in the location. Are you sure the player and the devil are both in Hades?

I think so, but I’ll go check. :open_mouth:

Some might argue that the devil is everywhere. :smiling_imp:

Just to rule out the possibility, I assume that the Cavern Guide and the Devil are both defined as persons? I believe (although I haven’t double-checked) that the “asking” action is only defined for persons.

Robert Rothman

Look for a container named “details.” I hear he’s inside.

That was the problem. Basically, I had to move the conversations into the same area (region) as the named character.

As a matter of fact, the more I get involved with IF, the more I’m sure HE is lurking close at hand. :smiling_imp:

I lol’d. Nice!